Pentanet Prism / Mercku M2 Desktop Configuration Guide

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  1. Firstly, please confirm your Pentanet Prism / Mercku M2 is plugged in and turned on via its provided power supply. Plug in the provided networking cable into the red 'WAN' port (making sure it's also plugged in correctly into the related network connection device/wall socket) 
    Please hold down the 'reset' button until the light on the front begins flashing in a loop from red to green.

  2. Once the device reboots, visit the Wi-Fi network settings on your device and connect to the Mercku. The network will be displayed as "Mercku-XXX" and have no password. 

  3. Once the device has connected, this will likely say "No Internet Connection". This is normal.

  4. Open an internet browser such as chrome, then type into the address bar and press enter. 



  5. Once the webpage opens, Click "Setup Wi-Fi".

  6. Next, you set your personal Wi-Fi network name and password. The network name is the Wi-Fi network broadcasted from your router and displayed on any of your devices. 

  7. Click next, then set your router admin password. The admin password can be assigned the same as your Wi-Fi password by enabling the checkbox. Then click Save.

  8. A countdown will display. Once the countdown reaches 0, please go back to your device's network settings and connect to the Wi-Fi network you just created in step 6. blobid7.png

  9. Connect to your new Wi-Fi network, enter your password, then open your browser again. 

  10. When you open your browser, enter your Router Admin Password (The same as your Wi-Fi password if enabled in step 7.

  11. Once you click Login, you will see the M2 dashboard. Hover over Settings, then click "Internet Settings"

  12. Set "Internet Settings" to PPPoE. Then, enter your PPPOE username and password (provided in your Pentanet welcome email). Make sure DNS is set to Automatic and click Save. 

  13. Once saved, hover over the "Settings" menu and click "IPv6". blobid9.png

  14. Enable IPv6 

  15. Scroll down and change the "internet settings" from auto to PPPoE, and make sure "Share credentials with IPV4" is enabled. Then click Save.  

  16. Give the router a moment to reboot and authenticate, then you should notice the light turn green. Give the connection a test as it should be online! 

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