Fixed Wireless: General Troubleshooting

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  1. Power cycle  Many issues are solved by a power cycle the router/modem by simply just unplugging the power cable, leaving it for one minute, then plugging it back in to power it up.

    If that didn't work you may need to power cycle the radio antenna on the roof by disconnect the Ethernet cable from wall socket running from the PoE injector (the power adaptor with the "U" symbol).

  2. Direct PPPoE  To set up a direct PPPoE connection will need to plug your laptop or PC to the LAN port of the POE injector (small power adapter with 'U' symbol) bypassing the router. Once you have set this follow these instructions in the link below.

    Speed testing with a direct PPPoE

    If you can successfully connect to the internet using the new connection, we may need to factory reset the router/modem to revert to the device back to its default setting.

  3. Factory reset  To reset the router/modem you will need a paperclip or safety pin to and insert it into the reset hole located either on the back the router. Press and hold the paperclip in for 10-15 seconds until all the lights on the front flash.

    For AMPLIFI routers the reset hole will be located on the bottom of the router, press and hold the paperclip in for 10-15 seconds until the screen on the front displays "rebooting".

    Once the router has successfully factory reset, you will then need to reconfigure the router to establish an internet connection. For more info on how to set up the router please use the guides in the link below to assist.

    AMPLIFI - Amplifi - Router Setup Guide
    TP-Link - TP-link VR1600v
    Netcomm - Netcomm NF18ACV
    BYO - Router configuration and setup guides


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