Third-party (BYO) router configuration and set up guides

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Configuration steps for other popular 3rd-party and BYO router models

Looking for some instructions for setting up your existing hardware with your new Pentanet service? We’ve put together some simple-to-follow setup instructions for common router models.

These guides will be updated as frequently as we can, but if your model doesn’t appear here, try following the instructions for a different model from the same manufacturer.

Running into trouble?

Here’s some additional tips for where to get help:

  1. Search the internet for “PPPoE setup instructions my-device-model”.
  2. Find your router’s setup guide or user manual, and look for the section
  3. Reach out to your router’s manufacturer for support:
  4. Reach out to the team at Pentanet - We are happy to help troubleshoot new connections, confirm that the service is operational and that the settings you’ve input are correct.

Known incompatible devices

Sadly, we’ve come across some devices which we’ve found won’t work with our services. For more information please read: Which modem/routers can I use with Pentanet services?.

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