Do I need an unlimited data plan?

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This depends on your expected usage, and how many people you have using the connection.

Below is a rough guide on data usage for some popular online activities.

  • Emails - 500KB per email
  • Photos/Documents - 850KB per image
  • Streaming Video - 300MB to 7GB per hour
  • Streaming Audio - 25 to 150MB per hour
  • Internet browsing - 10 to 50MB per hour
  • Online gaming - 100MB to 1GB per hour

Our neXus and Fixed WirelessNBN, OptiComm and Apartment Broadband plans are now all available with unlimited data plans.

Pentanet Fixed Wireless also offers lower-cost plans with a data cap. If you're not too sure how much data you'll use, you can always start on a lower data allowance and move up or down as needed with no fee to move between Fixed Wireless plans!

Some of our plans include a data usage allowance that is calculated based on peak and off-peak usage.

  • On-peak is any data that is used between 8am and midnight.

  • Off-peak is any data that is used between midnight and 8am.

We'll send you usage alerts as you approach your data cap for the month. You can also keep an eye on your data usage anytime within our Customer Portal.

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