Fixed Wireless: Standard installation and other additional install fees

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When you sign up for a Pentanet Fixed Wireless service, our setup fees cover the cost of a Standard Installation.

Our Standard Installation includes the mounting of our dish to your roof with a pole under 1.5m in length with a single shielded Ethernet cable terminated to Ethernet Port inside your premises.

In some circumstances, such as if there are architectural issues or additional cabling requirements, we may need to dedicate additional time and materials to complete the installation which incurr a charge of $110/hr.

On the day of your installation, our team will provide you with an estimate advising if any of the following additional charges may apply:

Additional works Charge
Extension pole $100
Brace bar $50
Additional cabling - Applicable to ground floor
installations or large, multi-storey premises
Router setup fee - If you request us to set up a
router you provide
Additional parameters - Conduit, raked ceiling,
architectural issues
Elevated Work Platform Hire (4 hours) $450


  • Router setup fee: If our installers are required to configure your own equipment at the time of installation appointment a charge may be applicable.
    note: If you purchase a Router from Pentanet it will be configured without additional charges.

  • Extension pole: Used to increase the height of an installation. These are only used when additional height is needed to secure a stable signal to our transmission towers.

  • Brace bar: If your installation pole and dish is likely to move in heavy winds this will cause signal fluctuations in quality so a brace bar can be used to stabilize the installation from movement.

  • Additional cabling: For larger premises, we may need to install the termination point to another storey that is not directly below your roof installation. This task can be quite difficult and use more resources to complete for our installation team. 

  • Additional parameters: Many premises have been built in a way that can make the installation of a Fixed Wireless service extremely difficult. Some premises may not have sufficient roof space or areas to run cables internally which could require additional parameters to apply to account for extra materials or time.

  • Elevated Work Platform: If the height of your roof is above the length of our standard ladders and the building does not have other means to access the roof we may need to hire an Elevated Work Platform to assist. EWP installs will require additional time allocation for our team to complete the install. If you have your own EWP that you would like our team to use please discuss with our representative when booking the installation time.

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