If I withdraw my order will I be charged?

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By submitting an application with Pentanet and agreeing to our terms and conditions you have entered into a contract with us to proceed with a service.

If you cancel the service after application and agreement we will charge a withdrawal fee. This fee has been calculated as reasonable costs to process your order, set up your accounts, service and book the service connection/installation.

We are only able to cancel an order prior to it coming online.

  • If your application has been submitted and you cancel the service before our connection request has been sent to NBN/OptiComm we will only charge $50.

  • If your service request has been ordered with NBN/OptiComm and is active, full early termination fees will apply.

    If our service has been ordered and the connection status is online you cannot withdraw the order. This is not related to whether or not you have yet used the service.

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