My service is offline what do I do?

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Having an offline service is frustrating. To save yourself some time, it's always best to perform some general troubleshooting on your connection. Sometimes very simple checks can get you back online in no time!

The first step should always be to turn your modem/router off for 30 seconds, this is what we refer to as power cycling. Typically a power cycle can get things going again, if it hasn't there are some further steps you can take.


What service do I have?

The next thing to do is to determine what type of service you have as the steps to take and the things to look for vary from service to service.

  • Check that the PoE injector (the power supply for your dish on the roof) is powered on, most of them will have a small white LED light on the top to show when it is receiving power. You can try power cycling this device, too.

  • Ensure you're using a high quality Ethernet cable, going from the right wall port to the right socket if they all are, let support know and we'll assist. 

  • After you have checked your modem/router, try checking the NBN's network status page

    If your address is experiencing a known outage to the nbn network, they will update the status on their status page. More information on what that means can be found here

    The nbn comes in many different forms, here they are listed below.

    • nbn FTTN/FTTB: The NBN connection terminates at your phone socket, so you will be unable to do much more than power cycle your modem/router and check your cables for any damage or wear.
    • nbn FTTP/FTTC/HFC: Check that your NBN NTD/NCD is powered on. This is a large white box that says NBN on it. You can power cycle this device when attempting to get your service back online. Take note of any change in the lights on these boxes or any strange noises and let us know. (SEE NBN LIGHTS STATUS ARTICLE)
  • If you are still offline after power cycling, you can check OptiComm network outages page here.

    If there is no known outage, check the OptiComm ONU device. This is usually in your garage or just on the outside of your property. It will often be inside of cream or grey plastic case. You can also try to power cycle this device if you have access to it. The box may be locked, but if not, you can try power cycling the box and check the lights that are on or flashing.

  • If your service is down with Apartment Broadband, power cycle your device and then get in contact with us if it is still not working.


What’s next?

Once you have checked all you can on your internal setup, contact our support team who are more than happy to assist. They will run through any additional troubleshooting with you and determine the next best step and if your offline service requires any escalation.

Our support team’s contactable hours can be found here.


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