What is a new development fee and when is it charged for OptiComm?

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OptiComm may charge between $300 and $550 for a New Development Fee (NDC) when premises are connecting to the OptiComm network for the first time. This fee is typically charged for newly built premises in OptiComm serviced estates.

Before an OptiComm field technician can complete the installation of their equipment at your premises there are a few requirements that need to meet such as initial cabling works to the property and adequate internal cabling. For a full checklist of what is required, check out OptiComm Installation Guides. These installation requirements are the responsibility of the homeowner and/or builder.

If the OptiComm field technician attends your premises and finds one or more of the installation requirements have not been met, you'll be charged a $150 Incorrect Callout Fee (ICF) and another installation appointment will need to be booked once all the requirements have been met.



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