What is a new development charge and when is it charged for NBN?

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From 1 April 2016, NBNCo may charge a $300 New Development Fee (NDC) when premises are connecting to the NBN network for the first time under certain conditions. This charge applies regardless of what provider you choose.

These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • New dwellings
  • Redevelopments
  • Lots without any existing infrastructure
  • Buildings requiring a new mailing address (subdivisions)

This fee was implemented by NBNCo to recoup some of the cost of deploying network infrastructure to new premises or dwellings. 

If this fee applies, we will let you know before the order is submitted to NBN Co. 
We will only submit the order to NBN Co if you provide written acceptance of the charge. 

Any additional charges will be advised before submitting your order. 


NBN Subsequent Install Fee 

If an additional NBN service is requested, there may be a $330 Subsequent Installation Fee if further infrastructure is required. 

This fee may also apply if you are unable to provide a ULL ID or phone number (FNN) for a FTTN/B/C service with an active line. 

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