When can I pick up my modem/router?

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After we've received your Pentanet application, our team will organise a router for collection. 

Once your modem/router is ready for collection we'll send you an email advising your hardware is ready for collection along with the time, date, and location for collection.

Collection Details: Pentahouse building is located at 150 St Georges Terrace PERTH 6000

The Pentahouse is located right in Central Park, across the road from St George's Cathedral.


When collecting your modem/router you'll need to provide your name to one of our sales staff who will prepare your router for you.

Parking is available at the several City of Perth Parking facilities nearby. Pentahouse_Parking_map.JPG

Can someone pick up on my behalf?

They sure can! Just let us know who will be collecting on your behalf in advance so we can authorise them. When collecting, they'll need to provide their name and the account they are collecting a router for.

Can I pick up on the same day?

In some cases yes. We'll send you a confirmation SMS and email letting you know the moment your modem/router is ready for pickup.

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