How can I check if NBN is down in my area?

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If you have tried basic troubleshooting steps and your NBN service is still offline, the first thing you should do is check NBN's Network Status page.

Sometimes there can be planned maintenance or even emergency works in your area which can affect your service.

If your service is offline, and there is a known outage in your area, this issue will likely be affecting all services connecting to the nbn network in your area.

We suggest regularly checking NBN's Network Status page if your service is down, as NBN will update their status page with any updates, such as an estimated time of restoration.

For any major outages, you can also check the Pentanet Network Status Page.

If you notice that the service has been marked as restored but you’re still not getting internet, power cycle your router and your associated NBN equipment (if you are connecting via NBN FTTP, FTTC or HFC) and contact our friendly support team if you’re still having difficulties getting online.

How to power cycle
Turn off and unplug the device. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it back on.

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