How can I improve my internet speed?

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If you suspect your internet isn’t running at its best, there’s a couple of general tips to help improve your speeds.

  • WiFi is a convenient way to wirelessly connect your devices to the internet and some devices, like your phone and some laptops, can only connect using WiFi. In general, this shouldn’t be an issue and your WiFi should be enough for most of what you want to do on the internet. But when it comes to reliably and quickly moving data from your router to a device, copper will beat oxygen every time.
    If you’re streaming in high definition or playing online games and want the lowest latency possible, plugging your computer or TV into your router with an Ethernet cable will always be more reliable and faster.

  • Any active download on your service will use bandwidth on your connection, which can make anything else you’re using the connection for feel sluggish. Applications such as Steam, Adobe Creative Suite and game consoles are notorious for downloading automatic updates in the background. If your connection is feeling a bit slow, check to see if something somewhere in your house is downloading something and consider pausing it for later.

  • Much like how an ongoing download can affect your connection, having multiple people using the same connection can cause the connection to slow down. Plus it’s 2021,  the number of devices connected to the internet in your average home is slowly climbing, with robot vacuum cleaners, smart fridges, washing machines starting to compete with your TVs, phones and computers for bandwidth and with HD streaming services being one of the most common ways to use the internet, we’re using more of it than ever.
    If you’re feeling the pinch when everyone in the house is home streaming or downloading, consider increasing your connection speeds by changing your plan.
    If everyone is connecting via WiFi, you might also be maxing out your WiFi connection’s capacity (Google: “Spatial Streams”) and it might be time to upgrade your router to a model that offers MU-MIMO such as the AmpliFi which manages multiple devices better than most older routers.


If your connection speeds are exceptionally low or you suspect there’s a problem you can always reach out to our support team on (08) 9466 2670 or via live chat on our website.

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