How can I test my Internet Speed

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To test your speed accurately be sure to cable your laptop/computer directly into your modem/router for best results.
Due to the nature of Wi-Fi, cabling directly into your modem/router is the only accurate way to measure what speeds you're getting.

Before you begin, make sure no other devices are in use or actively downloading on the network while performing a speed test.

Be sure to check that no VPN programs are running as they will create an indirect route back to your connection.

Here are some methods you can use to test the speed of your service:

  • By using the Pentanet Speed Test tool, you can test your service speeds with the highest accuracy. You can also run a speed test by logging into your Customer Portal and navigating to Support Centre > Test my speed. If testing through our Customer Portal it will log your tests to your account and allow our support team to also see your results.

  • If you are unable to use the Pentanet Speed Test tool, you can also use Ookla's tool, too.

    When using Ookla's tool ensure the server selected is Pentanet - Perth.

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