How do I cancel my service?

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We never like to say goodbye to any of our customers, but sometimes it may be necessary to cancel your service with us.


Are you moving house?

There's a good chance that you can take your service with you! Check out our guide on what happens if I move house or call our sales team on (08) 9466 2670 to check what options are available in your new home. You can also reach our sales team via live chat on our website.


Not happy with your service?

We want all our customers to be happy. If you're not satisfied with the performance of your service, please reach out to our Support Team on (08) 9466 2670 and we can work through the problem together. You can also reach our support team via email ( or via live chat on our website.


Are you still looking to cancel?

We're sorry to see you go. If you still want to close your Pentanet account, you can request a cancellation via a support ticket in the Customer Portal or call our team on (08) 9466 2670.

Note: Only the primary account holder or fully authorised representative can request a cancellation.


Is there a minimum notice period to cancel?

Yes. We have a minimum notice period of 30 days to cancel the service.

The service will be available for use until the end of your notice period or you may choose to have the service disabled prior to this date. Billing for your service will stop at the end of the 30 day notice period.

If you know what date you wish to cancel the service on, we request that you provide please provide notice in advance of the 30 minimum.

If I close my account are there early termination charges?

If you’re cancelling a fixed-term contract early, early termination fees will apply. Additional fees may apply for any hardware included in your contract. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff to confirm the remaining term and the applicable early termination fees as detailed in the Critical Information Summary.

If you are cancelling a Fixed Wireless, neXus or PentaMAX service, we will need to arrange a time to collect the Pentanet equipment from the property within 30 days, or 90 days for neXus, of the cancellation date. If we are not granted and facilitated access to the property during this time, additional fees will apply.

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