Can I change my service delivery type?

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We offer a variety of different service types that relies on separate networks to each other to deliver internet to our customers.


Changing your internet service type in most cases will require cancellation of your existing service and a connection of the new service on the alternative connection type. In some cases, you may be required to complete a new application for the new connection type.

Contract term remaining: In most cases, if you are within your initial contract period cancellation fees may apply if you choose to transfer to another service type. 

Out of contract: If you have finished your initial contract period, a standard connection fee may apply to change your service type. 


Please contact our sales team if you're thinking of changing service types, we'll be able to confirm if early termination fees apply. 


Can I have the early termination fees waived?

Waiver of early termination fees is only considered on a case by case basis and will take into consideration the account’s conduct, months remaining in contract and new service selection.

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