Do you supply a router? Can I bring my own?

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Yes and yes!

The Best Choice: A Pentanet supplied router

The team at Pentanet have done the hard work for you and identified the best performing devices for our Fixed Wireless and NBN network - we’ll even set them up for you, ready for you to plug and play!

Our devices start from $145 and include options for a small apartment all the way up to a large family household with heavy data demands. Check out our available options in our shop.

If you need any assistance to work out what setup may be best for your home please call our friendly sales team with any questions on (08) 9466 2670.


Alternative Option: Bring Your Own Device

Have your own gear from a retailer you’d like to use? No worries (mostly!) 👌

If using your own equipment, please make sure your existing device has an appropriate WAN connection (or VDSL2 for FTTN/FTTB services).

If you have a larger house, intend to connect a lot of wireless devices, or require advanced functionality, we recommend that you choose a wireless router suitable for your own specific needs.

If you do choose to bring your own equipment, we cannot provide technical support for it.

Unfortunately, some devices are unable to be configured on our network, these include any devices that were supplied by a different internet service provider (ISP).


Need some help setting up your home network?

Our Customer Success Specialists can assist.

During a personalised on-site visit, our specialists will set up your equipment, connect devices and ensure your new Pentanet service is running smoothly. To learn more about this additional service, check out our Wi-Fi Setup Service page or call our friendly team (08) 9466 2670

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