How to enable SRA (Seamless Rate Adaptation)

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What is SRA?

SRA (“Seamless Rate Adaptation”) is a feature of most NBN-compatible equipment used for FTTN (Fibre to the Node) services.

With the SRA feature enabled, the device can make changes to the data rate of the connection (to take into account changing conditions of the line) without dropping or interrupting the connection itself, which means a more stable and reliable connection.

NBN recommend that SRA is enabled. Here’s how to enable it for most common devices:

  • You can find the option to enable SRA in a ‘hidden’ menu, which can be accessed at: (If you have changed the IP address of your router, please adjust as necessary). Don’t forget to save and apply your changes.

  • You can find the SRA setting under the following menu options: Advanced Setup > DSL > Check the box for SRA Enable, and then apply settings.

  • The SRA option can be found under Advanced > Network > DSL Settings. Tick the box for SRA enable and then save your changes.

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