How do I check what Ethernet speed my device has negotiated?

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If you would like to check your device's negotiated speeds, the steps to take will depend upon your device. Check out our guides below to determine what to do next. If you still need assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    1. Open the start menu and search for Control Panel
    2. Click Network and Internet
    3. Click Network and Sharing Center
    4. Click Change adapter settings
    5. Right-click the Ethernet interface you’d like to check and click Status
    6. To the right of Speed you should see the speed your Ethernet interface has negotiated
    1. Open the Network Utility application on your Mac, located in Applications > Utilities > Network Utility (you can also search for Network Utility in Spotlight)
    2. In the Info tab, under Network Interface, use the drop-down menu to select your Ethernet interface
    3. The Ethernet speed appears in the list of interface information, along with other information (like your IP address)

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