Can I keep my Bigpond or Telstra email address?

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Pentanet does not currently offer email mailboxes. Right now, our focus is on delivering high quality and great value internet services with no frills or add-ons.

For basic hassle-free home use, we recommend users make the switch to a free Gmail or Outlook mailbox. These have many benefits over the basic mailboxes traditionally supplied by ISPs.

If you have an existing Telstra or Bigpond email service who would like to keep that mailbox and access that mailbox from a Pentanet service, then we recommend making sure that your email client is configured per Telstra/Bigpond’s instructions.

What are the BigPond Email settings for Telstra Mail?

These settings are for older BigPond Email accounts.

Account type: POP3 Incoming server details:

Incoming server address: Incoming server port: 995 Encrypted connection: SSL Outgoing server details:

Outgoing server address: Outgoing server port: 465 (recommended) or 587 Authentication: Yes Encrypted connection: With SSL encryption Username & Password:

User name: Your Telstra email address - ending in ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ Password: Your Telstra email account password - REMEMBER it’s case sensitive. Other settings to check:

Make sure ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’ is ticked.

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