What should I expect during the Pentanet FTTP upgrade

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Considering a Pentanet FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) upgrade? Well, first, let’s make sure you understand the process; there are a few steps along the way to wrap your head around. In this guide, we’ll walk you through every part of the upgrade, potential temporary service interruptions, and what you’ll want to do to ensure a smooth transition to your new high-speed fibre connection.

Pentanet FTTP Upgrade Process

1. Eligibility and Application

To initiate the FTTP upgrade process, the first step is going to be confirming if your location qualifies for this high-speed fibre upgrade. You can easily verify this by reaching out to our local Onboarding team through email, chat, or by calling us at 08 9466 2670 (and choosing option 1). If your residence meets the eligibility criteria, the next step is to apply for a new 12-month plan on Pentanet's eligible upgrade nbn™ plan.

2. Order Placement

After your application is successfully submitted, the Pentanet Service Delivery team will commence a new order for the Fibre Connect Program, setting the upgrade process into motion.
Temporary Service Interruptions

It's important to note that during the FTTP upgrade, you may experience occasional temporary service interruptions. The nbn™ technician assigned to your installation will inform you if this applies to your specific situation. There may also be a brief power isolation requirement for safety reasons, depending on the work involved.

Installation Process – End User

Pre-Installation Visit (1st Visit)

To kickstart the upgrade process, an nbn™ approved technician may conduct a preliminary visit to your property to evaluate the exterior conditions before the installation. This assessment lets them identify any network upgrade needs required for your fibre upgrade.

Should there be a requirement for additional work, the technician will either revisit before your scheduled installation appointment or undertake the necessary tasks on the installation day.

Please ensure that you record the contact details of the nbn™ surveyor/technician during their initial visit, as they will directly coordinate with you for site access and scheduling arrangements.

What to Expect During the Pre-Installation Visit

• On average, this visit takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
• Activities include reviewing external nbn™ infrastructure, civil works, and non-invasive construction activities.
• If you or someone over 18 is present, the technician may perform installation work to expedite the process.

Installation Appointment (2nd Visit)

The technician will arrive to set up the nbn™ equipment both indoors and outdoors at your location. To complete the installation, the technician will require access to your premises' exterior and interior.
This installation may be completed within a single day, but a third visit may be scheduled for a later date if an additional visit is required.

If you currently rent the property, please obtain verbal or written permission from your landlord or property manager before the installation. The technician may need to perform tasks that require approval, such as drilling into the property walls, so having prior permission is a crucial requirement.

What to Expect During the Installation Appointment

• This appointment usually takes 3 to 4 hours, but it may be longer for complex connections.
• You or an authorised person over the age of 18 must be present during this appointment.
• The technician will install and test nbn™ equipment both inside and outside your premises. They will also
suggest the best location for the nbn™ connection box inside your premises.
• Note that sometimes the technician may install the NTD/NTU on a different day, making it a 3rd visit instead.

Provisioning (Connecting)

With the physical work now finished, the Pentanet Service Delivery team will receive a confirmation email indicating which Port is active and ready for your use. To finalise the setup:

• Make sure you have an Ethernet cable and a compatible router for your new connection box.
• If you’re an existing Pentanet customer upgrading to this new technology, Pentanet will take care of
cancelling your previous service before activating the new one. However, if you are currently with a different provider, please ensure that you cancel their service upon activation to prevent any chance of double billing.

Our Service Delivery team is here to assist you in activating your service and configuring your router for a seamless transition.

Do you require assistance with setting up your home devices? Check out our Customer Success Offering.

If you need any assistance setting up your home network for the best connection possible, check out our Wi-Fi Setup Service. One of our Customer Success Officers will visit and help you set up all your devices for the best connection experience possible.

Congratulations on taking a step towards a faster and more reliable internet connection with Pentanet's FTTP upgrade! If you’ve got any further questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to Pentanet's support team for assistance.


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