Configuring Prism Edge (M6a) routers for Pentanet services

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If you have been provided with a Prism Edge Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router (model M6a) router as part of your Pentanet service, and your service type is Pentanet Fixed Wireless or Pentanet NBN, use this guide to set up your Prism router for PPPoE authentication. Refer to the video guide below, or the written out steps beneath.

  1. Power on your M6a device, and connect the WAN port on the Prism router to your Pentanet service using an Ethernet cable.

    Hint: For NBN services, connect the router's WAN port to the NBN-supplied NTD. For Pentanet Fixed Wireless services, connect the WAN port to the LAN port on the Pentanet PoE injector brick.

  2. Connect a PC or other device to the LAN port on the Prism router. You can also connect over Wi-Fi (using the wireless password found on the base of the unit), but we'd recommend cabling in for this step.
  3. From the device you just connected, log in and access the Prism router web interface by entering the web address `` in your web browser.

  4. Before clicking 'Next', change the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password if you'd like, or just click 'Next' to keep the defaults – you can always change them later.

  5. Wait for the settings to apply and the page to reload, then log in with the same password you set above. If you don't see this login screen after a few minutes, you may need to refresh your browser, or repeat step 3.
  6. After logging in, click on 'Settings' in the top menu bar, then select 'Internet Settings'.

  7. Change the 'Internet Settings' dropdown type to PPPoE.

  8. Fill in your PPPoE username and PPPoE password as provided by Pentanet. You can find these details in your service completion email, or in your customer portal. Please double-check this for accuracy, then hit the 'Save' button, confirm the change, and wait for the device to reload.

  9. Navigate to 'Settings', then select 'IPv6' from the drop-down menu.

  10. Select "PPPoE" in the dropdown 'Internet Settings' menu, make sure your existing PPPoE username and password are pre-filled and that 'Share credentials with IPv4' is selected, then click "Save". Confirm the change, then wait for the device to reload.

💪 Your Prism Edge router is now set up and ready to go!

The following steps are optional, but recommended if your service type is Fixed Wireless.

  1. Click 'Settings', and then select 'Wi-Fi' on the dropdown menu.

  2. Select '40' in the '5GHz Channel width' dropdown, click 'Save', and then confirm the change.

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